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People suggest that I’m a modern Sunshine Coast wedding celebrant with a big heart. With years of experience working with couples, I know how to create ceremonies that are heartfelt, meaningful and fun. From casual, intimate events to traditional, fairy-tale ceremonies, I’ll facilitate a tailor-made service that reflects you and your partner’s personalities.

There’s no doubt that weddings can be stressful. That’s why I conduct thorough consultations with couples, in person or via phone or email, so that when the big day finally arrives you can relax, celebrate and savour each and every precious moment. I also facilitate ceremonies outside of the Sunshine Coast; regional and interstate.

Sunshine Coast & Hinterland $1,400
Brisbane $1,600
Far Regional & Interstate* $POA

The Master of Ceremonies

This has been a personal highlight for me for many, many years. I have had the fortune to ‘Emcee’ countless weddings, functions and events; from small and personal dinners to large scale events; these include Caloundra Music Festival, 2018 Beef Australia (with Curtis Stone, Adrian Richardson and Iron Chef Japan) and the Prime Minister of Australia, the Honourable Scott Morrison.

A professional Emcee will know who is who in the zoo, they will be able to make any feel super important with just a touch of another shoulder; at exactly the right time. They will have studied the family tree like a form guide and have the ability to sweep Nana off her feet with boyishly good charm and manners.

There are no ‘ums’, no hiccups and unexplained tangents. The professional Emcee takes over from the Marriage Celebrant and ensures a seamlessly smooth and coordinated event. They are the gatekeepers of fun; that turn gatherings into events!

Sunshine Coast & Hinterland $1,400
Brisbane $1,600
Far Regional & Interstate* $POA

Wedding and Emcee Package


Sunshine Coast & Hinterland $2,500
Brisbane $2,800
Far Regional & Interstate* $POA

Kiss Cuddle and Become Married

For those looking for a stress free, simple ceremony with yourselves, a celebrant (that’s me) and two witnesses (which I can provide); the answer is simple and at a little place in Buderim. 

Let’s do a glass of Champagne and immerse ourselves into the moment.

Sunshine Coast (only) $650

Life Celebrations

A Celebration of Life ceremony can be a genuinely different approach to saying goodbye to loved ones. It’s the chance to remember them in full living colour. In a way that honours their life, their passions, and all the things that made them unique.

A practising Celebrant for Gregson & Weight, White Lady and Drysdale Funerals.

At the heart of a Celebration of Life is your loved one’s life story.

Let me help you make if memorable.

Sunshine Coast & Hinterland $1,200
Brisbane $POA
Far Regional & Interstate* $POA

Vow Renewal

Vow renewals are a way of re-affirming love and commitment between two people. Even in the most enduring relationships, love flourishes when new life is breathed into it and vow renewals are a way of re-igniting that initial spark and devotion. You can never say ‘I love you’ too many times.

I will work with you to create a ceremony that is unique, personal, heartfelt and, most importantly of all, utterly romantic. Whether it’s a private ceremony between two loved ones or a group affair, I will bring enthusiasm, authenticity, energy and fun to your renewal of vows.

Sunshine Coast & Hinterland $1,400
Far Regional & Interstate* $POA

Speech Writing

Yes, I can make it so much easier for you! It’s your shout while we sit down and really get down to the nut & bolts of when and why you’ve come together; what you are doing here today and what it all really means. We spend as much time as necessary, I take your thoughts and then evolve them into a sincere, easily read vow that you can deliver.

$400 per vow


We can continue to connect with those afar that would also love to connect during that very special day… whoever that may be! Parents living overseas, old school friends, even Nana that may not be able to make it on the day. You can interact and bring everyone together with the addition of 43” flat screen/s, stand, equipment and Zoom link.


Let Me Connect Your World…

Under the current climate circumstances, you may be of the belief that your interstate and international friends and family can not be there with you on the day; but you couldn’t be more wrong! With some further discussions, an open mind and some planning; I can connect your world globally to present a sincere, creative, inclusive Ceremony. Inclusive of the following:

  • Zoom links provided for you to share via Social Media and/or direct email for friends and family to join us on the day 1 Zoom links provided for you to share via Social Media and/or direct email for friends and family to join us on the day
  • Gifts and instructions provided to guests along with others sent globally that will be disclosed upon your Wedding Day ($50 per gift, inclusive of packaging, postage and customs tracking)
  • 43” flat screen/s HD television, stand and equipment to connect globally (between 1 and 3; depending on the Ceremony requirements)
  • Professional live streaming service of your Ceremony, including 5 minute video (this service can be extended to include half day filming and 6-8 minute video)
  • Luna the ‘Barn Owl’ to fly in through the guests, land on your arm and deliver the rings (perhaps from abroad)
  • Having Marry Me Adam coordinate the above, create and deliver your Ceremony, and bring your world together.
Package: $5,500

Please note: The above service can be delivered only in suitable conditions and may not be suitable for others, but we can discuss your plans and explore some amazing options. 43” flat screen televisions, stands and equipment can be hired separately (which includes the Zoom link to connect friends and family). Hire for Ceremony $350 per set.

*Additional charges of flights, meals and accommodation may be required for some destinations. In which case, flights and accommodation are required to be prebooked and purchased by the couple prior to the wedding date.