Meet Adam

So who is Adam Johnson? ‘He is the ultimate gentleman – the old school manners and grace that your grandmothers nod and fluff their handkerchiefs fondly at…” Or if you read the news you might know him as the man behind the ‘Johnson Boys Code of Conduct’ ‘Queensland Mans Code for Boys’. Clearly, the perfect gentleman to host your special day.


Essentially I’m a kid from the bush that moved to the Sunshine Coast at age 20 with my wife Liz; to find a more fulfilling life and somewhere with more options than the bush to raise our family. Mudgee is a small country town in N.S.W, and whilst I appreciate the country values and morals that was installed in me from a young age; I’m much happier to be living in a pretty cool part of the world! Back in Mudgee, I started working in the vineyards at the age of 15 at Montrose and Craigmoor Wineries. 

Due to unfortunate circumstances, it was not long after that; where I had to learn to bring myself up, take control and importantly; develop my own set of morels and standards. From there on, I’ve been entrenched in the wine, hospitality and public speaking game. Running and hosting events, managing and owning successful businesses whilst remaining in the wine game; where I further developed my role in public speaking.

The industry has been good to me and I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy the very best it has to offer. However, the eye opener, the moment the penny dropped for me was some years ago whilst acting as Master of Ceremonies for a dear friend. The common statement amongst a number of the couples friends and family was “we only wish you could have married us as well!”

So, I’m happily married to Liz, with our 3 kids (Grace, Jack and Oscar) 3 chooks and a rescue dog called Sir Reginald Wrinklebottom. I’m a Wine Merchant, a proactive supporter for the White Ribbon Foundation, I sit the board for the Uniting Hands Foundation, member of My Wedding Wish and now a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant.

I love to have fun. I don’t do boring very well. And I believe celebration is really pretty cool!

I really do not do boring well I am easy excited and cry a bit I love colour fun but more importantly bringing everyone together

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