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Start planning your perfect celebration now! Adam Johnson of Marry Me Adam can perform a number of ceremonies, bringing fun, energy and life into the event on the Sunshine Coast, Hinterland and Noosa Regions.

With years of experience working with couples, I know how to create ceremonies that are heartfelt, meaningful and fun. From casual, intimate events to traditional, fairy-tale ceremonies, I’ll facilitate a tailor-made service that reflects you and your partner’s personalities.







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A great Celebrant will have the resources, abilities and contacts to ensure your wedding goes perfectly to plan. Choose a celebrant that exudes a level of professional confidence and an uncanny ability to make the impossible possible!

A great Celebrant will provoke ideas and concepts that adds flare, fun and a sense of individualism. They will bring together the families, guide you effortlessly throughout the ceremony and unite you in the way that you’ve always wanted.


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Nick RNick R
11:24 18 Jan 22
As soon as we met Adam, we felt a ‘click’, like “this guy gets us” vibe and we knew he was the right person to be our wedding celebrant. Since we have known him, he has proven time and time again what an absolute legend he is.Originally our wedding was planned for April 2020 and Adam was booked to do not one but two wedding ceremonies for us. He thoughtfully and masterfully crafted the words that perfectly suited our dream intimate official ceremony in front of our nearest and dearest. He also managed to find the words that captured the vibe we wanted for our second wedding ‘ceremony’, an inclusive celebration in front of a large group of family and friends. With only two weeks left until the day, covid restrictions and lockdowns commenced in Australia for the first time and forced us to cancel our wedding. Through this incredibly heartbreaking, frustrating, scary and unknown time Adam was steadfast, supportive and positive that one day we would get that beautiful ceremony we had dreamed about.The months that followed saw a couple more false starts trying to reorganise a wedding with covid restrictions and border closures ruining our plans time and time again. The whole time Adam was our constant rock and never let us lose hope.It wasn’t until Boxing Day 2021 that finally our families crossed the QLD border and we were together again. In that spur of the moment, we decided we had to jump on the opportunity and called Adam. With only 5 days notice, Adam again listened to our hopes and dreams and wrote the most magical ceremony and this time it actually happened. We were married by Adam in our family home, surrounded by our closest loved ones including our baby daughter and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.The journey we have been on with Adam is incredibly special. We are so blessed to have experienced his expertise, guidance and friendship during this time in our lives. We are so grateful.
Nathalie SilvaNathalie Silva
23:18 05 Sep 21
Adam exceeded our expectations as our wedding celebrant. He created very special moments throughout the ceremony that we will cherish and treasure for the rest of our lives. Our guests have commented how absolutely wonderful the ceremony was from the very beginning and they were all captivated by the little surprises and having some friends and family involved in the ceremony made it so special.Adam was there all the way leading up to our day. We felt completely relaxed that all we had to do was turn up and he would take us through the ceremony. He interacted with our guests before the ceremony and he was very well liked. Our family on Zoom that Adam set up with all of his equipment felt included and all mentioned that the sound and visual was great. It was lovely to be able to see them all on the screen placed perfectly to the side of our ceremony space.Adams beautiful character and warmth made everyone feel relaxed and happy. I certainly appreciated that as I was quite nervous but Adam guided me to feel more relaxed and very supported.He planned a very well thought out ceremony to honour both myself and my now husband. There was nothing generic about this ceremony!Adam is professional & confident and brings a warmth to his role that is very unique and genuine. He will make your day not only amazing for you but also all of your guests.We highly recommend Adam and you can rest assured he will create something personal and magical for you.
Ben SmallBen Small
10:14 04 Aug 21
Due to covid we had our wedding change 3 times and we had to plan a whole new wedding in under a week and honestly without Adam it would not have happened! He was just amazing, I felt as though we had known Adam for years, he was more of a friend/guest than a celebrant. Couldn’t ask for anything more.Please just speak with him and you will see what I mean! Thanks again Adam sincerely.Cassie and Ben
Marie and John TilseMarie and John Tilse
01:58 14 Jun 21
Dear Adam , John & I are wishing to thank you and show our appreciation for you making our day such a magical occasion. We will be highly recommending your services as a celebrant & MC to everyone:)Warmest Regards Marie & John xx
Paul WhitePaul White
20:08 18 May 21
Hands down the most amazing celebrant you will ever find.Adam made the process of getting married so very easy and relaxed. Our ceremony was fun and vibrant, with guests laughing and crying along the way.We did not have a dull moment throughout the event.Our guests are still telling us it is the best wedding ceremony they have ever seen. The way in which you included our special family in the ceremony is something we will never forget.

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Beautiful humans and a bouquet wielding Celebrant just doing what they do best @tiffanysmaleny  Thanks for capturing the fun @photographsbyzanti Great working with you 🙏🏻  #marrymeadam #marriage #marriagecelebrant #marriagegoals #celebrant #hitcher #marriage101 #masterofceremony #masterofceremonies #malecelebrant #relaxed #fun #informative #smilesallround #wedding #weddingphotography #weddingday #weddingday💍 #weddingvenues #wedding #loveislove #sunshinecoast #sunshinecoastmarriagecelebrant 
#abiafinalist #abiafinalist2021  #1 Male Celebrant, Sunshine Coast; Brides Choice Awards 2020, 2021 & 2022  Finalist ABIA QLD Celebrant of the Year 2021  Feature Wedding; The Autumn 2021 , Spring 2021 Brisbane Weddings Magazine
The Taboo Subject…  Funerals!  Ya know I do this stuff. Fact is; I really, really, really love it!  Nothing fills my heart more than the “thank you” I receive from the ‘services’ I provide. And for me, it’s time to break those shackles and shake this industry a little…  Cause we all deserve it; when we need it!  Classes, conferences and courses will provide some guidelines (which I have none of); but nothing is like firsthand witnessing others getting it wrong, for years and years and years for your loved ones. So let me lead this change…  It’s not about dates; it’s about times.
It’s about those you’ve lost; but more so what they wanted for you!
It’s about setting you up for success for the future.
Providing closure; yet new opportunities.
Saying goodbye; but learning how to seek them when you need.  “We now need to look for them in different ways. They can be the green in the grass, the shimmering glistening that shines from the leaves after the rains, they can be the sand between your toes and the cool waters from which you splash on your face. They are everywhere and everything; IF you allow that to be”
My words, Adam Johnson.  I do funerals; and I do them differently and I do them well! I pick you up when you are at your absolute shit worst. And I turn that absolute cyclone that is in your heart and stomach and head; into a gentle breeze at your back.  The service I give tomorrow will be no different (in terms of sincerity) than I gave to my Grandmothers last week.  I’m not seeking your praise; but please share that information for those in need.  Adam Johnson
Life Celebrant
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i. our_celebrant_ adam
f. our_celebrant_adam  Yeah; I’ve evolved.  #1 Male Celebrant, Sunshine Coast BCA 2020, 2021, 2022
Finalist ABIA QLD Celebrant of the Year 2021  #celebrant #celebrantlife #lifecelebrant #funeralcelebrant #sunshinecoastfuneralcelebrant #funeral #funeralservice #ourcelebrantadam #gregsonandweight #whiteladyfunerals #drysdalefuneral
Same place, same suit (and tie combo)…  Just some different birds 🦅 🦉  #marrymeadam #marriage #marriagecelebrant #marriagegoals #celebrant #hitcher #marriage101 #masterofceremony #masterofceremonies #malecelebrant #relaxed #fun #informative #smilesallround #wedding #weddingphotography #weddingday #weddingday💍 #weddingvenues #wedding #loveislove #sunshinecoast #sunshinecoastmarriagecelebrant 
#abiafinalist #abiafinalist2021  #1 Male Celebrant, Sunshine Coast; Brides Choice Awards 2020, 2021 & 2022  Finalist ABIA QLD Celebrant of the Year 2021  Feature Wedding; The Autumn 2021 , Spring 2021 Brisbane Weddings Magazine
At the end of todays 10:00am Ceremony @tiffanysmaleny Zach looked at me with tiers in his eyes and simply said “that was a beautiful experience”.  I’m taking that as my greatest complement Zach. And it was a pleasure.  #marrymeadam #marriage #marriagecelebrant #marriagegoals #celebrant #hitcher #marriage101 #masterofceremony #masterofceremonies #malecelebrant #relaxed #fun #informative #smilesallround #wedding #weddingphotography #weddingday #weddingday💍 #weddingvenues #wedding #loveislove #sunshinecoast #sunshinecoastmarriagecelebrant 
#abiafinalist #abiafinalist2021  #1 Male Celebrant, Sunshine Coast; Brides Choice Awards 2020, 2021 & 2022  Finalist ABIA QLD Celebrant of the Year 2021  Feature Wedding; The Autumn 2021 , Spring 2021 Brisbane Weddings Magazine
A much quieter ANZAC Day this year for me; but still an absolute great day out!  Now spending some quality time with the family, a couple of cold ones and a little Redgum playing in the background.  Lest We Forget  #ANZAC #ANZACDay #anzacday2022 #anzacday2022🇦🇺 #ww1 #ww2 #vietnam
Absolutely chuffed to pick this up again…
3 years running as #1 Male Celebrant of the Year; Sunshine Coast & Hinterland.  Overall #1 Celebrant of the Year; Sunshine Coast & Hinterland again.  Nothing is new these days… it’s generally just an action or inspiration taken from those before us.  Until you evolve and understand at a greater level.  I’m fortunate to know and learn from the countries absolute best Celebrant; Bill Scurry @bill_scurry  Therefore I learn, I evolve and the accolades are the results of thankful couples; unknowingly appreciative of my learnings from Bills teachings.  Because of Bill.  Simple as that.  Thanks Bill.  @dtb_advertising thank you for getting my head and the willingness to support. You are the absolute key to driving business success xxx
I really think I’m starting to get the hang of this!  Three consecutive years of entry; and (so far) two of those gaining recognition as the #1 Male Marriage Celebrant for the Sunshine Coast & Hinterland.  Many thanks to Joan, Micheal and the team @dtb_advertising for driving this and ‘cutting through’ a very competitive market space. And to all that took the time out of their day to vote for me…  Thank you 🙏🏻  #marrymeadam #marriage #marriagecelebrant #marriagegoals #celebrant #hitcher #marriage101 #masterofceremony #masterofceremonies #malecelebrant #relaxed #fun #informative #smilesallround #wedding #weddingphotography #weddingday #weddingday💍 #weddingvenues #wedding #loveislove #sunshinecoast #sunshinecoastmarriagecelebrant 
#abiafinalist #abiafinalist2021  #1 Male Celebrant, Sunshine Coast; Brides Choice Awards 2020, 2021. Finalist 2022.  Finalist ABIA QLD Celebrant of the Year 2021  Feature Wedding; The Autumn 2021 , Spring 2021 Brisbane Weddings Magazine